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Rainier Ronnie Bugay started working and volunteering for the Guild Theater, Whitesell Auditorium and the Hollywood Theater in Portland. He received his degree in digital design and film at the Pacific Northwest College of Arts and the NWFilm Center in Portland, Oregon. He has also a degree in directing, producing fiction & VXF film from the SAE INSTITUTE Cologne, Germany. Ronnie interned and worked with Brand Name Productions LLC (BNP) film production in Portland. Where he received his experience in post-production filmmaking and digital arts. He worked on projects such as The Bridal Show, The Wind Jammer documentary film for the Discovery Channel and collaborate on photo shootings with the NBA Blazer and co. Ronnie also entered the Animation Block Party, an animation film festival in New York City where he presented his short film BREAKAWAY. Ronnie is also a member of the ASIFA, an international animation film association that organizes events and projects around the world.

Mr. Bugay is multilingual and speaks German, Tagalog, English and understands Spanish. He was working for German production broadcasting channels like Center. TV and Mindmatics Media AG,kreatiFILM and leading award post-production Creation Club (CC) which is now part of Plaza Media Group and film productions such as Bavaria Film Studios"Sturm Der Liebe" Telenovela - TV Show. Mr. Bugay also participated in the 3rd Annual Grimme Credit Screenplay Competition in Los Angeles. He was involved in numerous indie shorts, docu films music videos, corporate films. Including as a media journalist for E entertainment "red carpet broadcasting" TV shows - German Idol"Deutschland Sucht den Superstar"PromiBoxen Pro7. He was in Vancouver and Toronto and collaborated also on projects as a 2nd assist. director and assist. producer. Ronnie was living also in Fuerteventura "Canary Islands" and Andalusia, Spain working as an Excu. Studio Manager and Image Fashion Post Media for commercial and tourism. Ronnie also worked with the UNITED NATIONS (UNFCCC) together and collaborate on numerous corporate films with them and also different NGOs organizations.