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LIO - "Got to" Music Video

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LIO is a music artist who skilfully combines different genres in his live performances and studio recordings. He started playing in several alternative rock bands in Mexico, but for years, he decided to become a solo artist. This has led him to explore new possibilities for his artistic vision of where Latin folk and alternative rock music merge. His vocal abilities have surprised many, not only because of his vocal strength and contrasting dynamics, but also because of the acute sensitivity in which he delivers his passionate tunes.

In memory of Michael Julian Berz, who worked with us on this project.





Singer-Songwriter & Producer: Lio Sanchez

Kamera Operator: Michael julian Berz

1st (AD) Director - Set Producer Managment: Ronnie Bugay

Produktion - Assistent (PA): Cristobal Ballesta Moya

Schnitt: Roy Ronnie